Stay tuned, a big update is coming soon!


Leaguequiz Birthday! Mar 14th 2015
They grow up so fast :D. It's been exactly 1 year ago when we released our website Leaguequiz and since then the website has been improved bigtime.

We are glad to announce that we've finally released our create your own quiz mode, we hope you like it!

Beside that, we've improved the website in many ways like bug fixes, functionality and more!

We hope you enjoy the new update!
Halloween update Oct 31st 2014
We've made a special halloween update! We have added a new quiz called 'sounds'. We currently consider this quiz mode in beta. Players are now able to collect achievements and we have added a special halloween giveaway! Enjoy the new update.
Leaguequiz Update Jul 08th 2014
We've made a small update to the website. Players can now see how many questions they have played today and how much LP they currently have. We also updated some champion avatar images and fixed a few bugs.
Ranked mode released May 25th 2014
We have released Ranked mode! Time to show your knowledge and become the true knowledge master of League of Legends!
Small update Apr 22nd 2014
We've made a small update and a few improvements. We're currently working hard on the ranked mode, stay tuned!
New quiz mode Apr 03rd 2014
We have added a new quiz mode called "Items". Enjoy!
No account required Mar 31st 2014
It is now possible to try out the practice mode without the need of registering.
Leaguequiz Release Mar 14th 2014
Leaguequiz has been officially released!